Chapter II

Page 29-44

At the beginning there is a description of what happens after Cecilia’s suicide. The time when the suicide has taken place was around 8:15 pm. Mr Lisbon tries to lift her up, Mrs Lisbon makes the girls face the house, while the girls remain motionless. After that, the paramedics come and try to reanimate Cecilia.
They load her onto a stretcher and into the EMS truck, and drive away.

During the next days the family is searching for a graveyard to bury her. This search is very difficult because a lot of cemetry workers are on strike. After they have found a graveyard, they bury Cecilia. The kids from the neighbourhood stay at home. The whole community is shocked and the priest has difficulties to cope with the situation because it is his first funeral service for a child who committed suicide.

Cecilia’s room stays the same as before. Everyone of the boys connects his own memories with Cecilia and because of that she always stays in their minds.

The boys are learn more about Cecilia by receiving her diary from David Barker. He tells them that Skip Ortega has found it near the toilet in the Lisbons’ house and it looks like the parents have read it themselves. In the evenings the boys come together to read the diary and they interprete some passages to try to understand Cecilias suicide.

The major part of the diary entries is describing her daily life and is often confusing because it is difficult to separate the girls from each other when they are being talked of. As time goes by the boys start to realize how girls feel and are much obliged to them. The last entries lack of personal touch and are becoming more and more weird.

In the end of chapter two the reader is informed about the routine of the day Ceclilia has commited suicide and it becomes clear that her behaviour was normal and it was impossible for anybody to foresee the coming events.

Christoph, Patrick, Mark, Sophie and Sebastian W.

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