Bonnie Lisbon

Bonnie is 15 years old and the tallest one of the five daughters of the Lisbon family. She is blond, has an sallow complexion, the sharp nose of a nun and introduces herself as a Bonaventure.

Bonnie was in a music camp trying to learn the flute. Afterwards she gives up playing a lot of other instruments because of bad excuses like her hands are too small to play the piano, her chin hurts when playing the violin, her fingertips bleed when playing the guitar and her upper lip swells from playing the trompet. This shows that Bonnie is not willing to complete something she once started.

She does not kick Peter and does not even look at him when he is invited to their house for dinner in contrast to all of her sisters, which shows that she is shy.

At least Bonnie hangs herself.

(Astrid Reißig, Sara Schirmer)


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