Cecilia Lisbon

Cecilia Lisbon is the youngest Lisbon sister, aged 13. Like all of her sisters, she is described as “[…] short, round-buttocked in denim, with roundish cheeks that recalled that same dorsal softness[…]” (page 5), beautiful and blonde. The left-handed girl is the first one to commit suicide. Her first attempt, cutting her wrist in the bathroom, with a photo of the Virgin Mary in her hand, failed. The hospital psychiatrist advises the parents to ease the strict rules by letting Cecilia wear her non-fitting wedding dress all the time. In the course of a newly-allowed party, Cecilia retreats and thrusts herself out of a second-floor window. She succeeds in her second attempt to commit suicide when she is spearing herself falling on a fence spike.

The theories for this unexpected suicide are many and varied. One very popular among the boys is that she was in love with Dominic Palozzolo, who jumped down a roof, proving his love for a girl and deeply impressing Cecilia with that.

(Katharina B., Anna)


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