Mary Lisbon

16 years old,


all of the Lisbon girls are:

  • short, roundbuttocked, wearing denim
  • roundish cheeks with a soft back
  • seem to be under a veil
  • very beautiful
  • “like a congregation of angels”
  • blond hair


  • hair seems eto be on fire when she blow dries it
  • hair is darker than that of the others
  • slight women’s mustache
  • teased hair (combed back)
  • also wear homemade dresses with lace and ruffle
  • “Virgin Mary” picture clutched by Cecilia when attempted suicide
  • wearing a jeans with a heart embroidered on its seat


  • has voice lessons with lux
  • giggles and whispers with Therese when Peter Sisson is there
  • plays domino with Therese
  • has a secret cache of cosmetics (red lipstick, depilatory wax, …) in the bathroom (Peter finds it)

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