Mr Lisbon

Mr Lisbon is the father of Cecilia, Bonnie, Lux, Therese and Mary and the only man in the Lisbon house. He teaches math at high school as his wife does. He is thin, boyish and stunned by his own gray hair. Mr Lisbon has a high voice that sounds like girlish weeping. Because he observes the speed limit despite of his daughter fighting for her life in the EMS truck before him it can be said that he is very calm and conscientious. 

In a conversation with the boys years later we learn that Mr Lisbon “had long harbored doubts about his wife’s strictness” (page 20). By the time of the conversation Mr Lisbon is divorced and lives alone in an efficiency apartment. Mr Lisbon is overstrained with the fact that he is the only man in the household, when “so many females (…) discussed their menstruation openly in front of him. (..) Those five days of each month were the worst for Mr Lisbon, who had to dispense aspirin (..) or sent out to buy more Tampax. (..) He longed for the presence of a few boys.” (page 21)


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