Mrs Lisbon

Mrs Lisbon is the mother of the five Lisbon girls. She has given birth to such beautiful girls though she is not as beautiful as her daughters, because her beauty that must have once been hers (page 6) has faded. She has plump arms, brutally cut steel-wool hair and she wears librarian´s glasses. Mrs Lisbon is kind of uptight, because she is fully dressed though the sun had not come up (page 6). The Lisbon family, especially Mr and Mrs Lisbon, is very religious because the they drive to St. Pauls Catholic church on Sundays (page 6). Due to the “make up check” it can be said that Mrs Lisbon is very conservative and observing. Mrs Lisbon creates the dresses for her daughters on her own, which shows that she is on the one hand old-fashioned and on the other hand independent.


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