Dominic Palazzolo

Dominic Palazzolo is introduced as an immigrant from New Mexico. He stays in the house of his relatives and is a kind of a typical Latino boy with sunglasses, dark hair and tanned skin. Unfortunately he is not able to speak English, he only uses a few words. Therefore it is difficult for him to join conversations and to socialize in the suburbian area.

He is head over heels in love with Diana Porter, who is one of these rich and fastidious girls. When she leaves for a vacation in Switzerland Dominic is despaired and grief-stricken. Because of his despair he climbs onto the roof of his house and jumps off, but he ends up in a shrubbery and so he is not injured.

As he concentrates on Diana, he does not notice that Cecilia adores him. Finally he does not stay in the town for a long time because his family calls him back to New Mexico.

(Sophie, Sebastian W.)


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