Other Boys

  • Butch: cuts the Lisbon’s grass, brawny, tattooed, poor
  • Joe the Retard: strongly disabled, mongoloid, can only say one word(“heads”) , has to be shaved by his brothers, is supposed to grow old faster than others (but it’s the other way round)
  • Rico Manollo and Vince Fusilli: cousins of Paul Baldino
  • Joe Larson: he lives right across from the Lisbon’s house
  • Jeff Maldrum

Apart from the main characters we also meet some other people about who we don’t come to know very much. There is for example Butch, a brawny, tattooed young guy whose family is quite poor and who cuts the Lisbon’s grass regularly.

Another one is simply called Joe the Retard, because he’s strongly disabled. He’s a mongoloid, which means that he grows faster than other children. Nobody knows exactly how old he really is, but he’s old enough to wear whiskers. Because of his disability his brothers have to shave him, and he’s also able to say only one word, namely “heads”, because every other word would be too difficult to say for him. Mostly he wears his Bermuda shorts and a blue baseball cap.

Furthermore we meet Rico Manollo and Vince Fusilli, the two cousins of Paul Baldino, Joe Larson, who lives right across from the Lisbon’s house and who watched Cecilia Lisbon arrive from the hospital, and Jeff Maldrum from whom we don’t get more information.

Lehrieder + Wacker


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