Paul Baldino

Paul Baldino is the fourteen year old son of the gangster Sammy “the Shark” Baldino. He also looks like a typical gangster with his gangster gut, the hit-man face, mammoth hips, a gold-ring on his finger, brightly polished shoes and dark circles under his eyes. Because of this appearance he earns a lot of fear-based respect from the other boys. Not only has his presence with his sluggish swagger of walking and smell of cologne made him scary. The house where he lives often appears in the newspaper, his family has bulletproof black limousines, German shepherds in the garden and there is a rumor about an escape tunnel from their garden to their speedboat. He is the one who sneaks into forbidden places and therefore knows a lot, but not every information he gives is really reliable. Furthermore he uses the storm sewers underground to appear in peoples’ basements. This is the way he finds Cecilia. He goes into the Lisbons’ house and discovers her lying bleeding in the bathtub and calls the police.

Julius, Melissa


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