Peter Sissen

Peter Sissen, a young boy from the neighbourhood, has helped Mr. Lisbon installing a working model of the school solar system. This is the reason why Mr Lisbon invites Peter Sissen for dinner.

He uses this chance to search the upper level of the Lisbon house, for example the rooms of the girls and the bathroom, which demonstrates his curiousity and his childish nature. This feature is underlined by the fact that he immediately tells the other boys what he has seen and found during his visit.

When Lux, the second youngest of the sisters, breaks in on him in the bathroom she is bleeding between her legs. Peter does not know how to behave in this situation because he is not able to explain the appearance of the blood to himself.  This shows that he is unsure, unexperienced and seems to be not that old; round about the age of 15 years.

Teresa and Jasmin


1 Comment

  1. Holland said,

    March 27, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    Lux was not the second oldest she was the second youngest.

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