Diary Entries

Dear diary,

man, the last few weeks have been very strange i can tell you.  one day you think everythin’s alright, and the next second you see the ambulance flying round the corner and stop right in front of the Lisbon’s ’cause one of their daughters thought she had to leave this world faster than she should. that’s how it all started. the youngest Lisbon daughter cut her wrists open in order to die, but luckily she failed. the strangest thing about this is how she was found.  she wasn’t found by any of her family members, but from my friend Paul as he entered the Lisbon’s house in order to watch the girls taking their showers. but instead he found Cecilia bleeding and almost dead in the bathroom and called the police. man, i can’t understand at all why such a girl should kill herself. she’s so lovely and nice, like all of her sisters. all the people in the neighbourhood talked about it too of course. i’ve heard the wildest imaginations and explanations. mrs. Buell for example said that she wanted to escape from the house of her parents. yeah, the Lisbons are a bit strange, very catholic and conservative. the girls aren’t even allowed to invite boys into their house. but i think that’s nonsense. she can’t have such great problems at home, neither can her sisters. i watched it when she returned from the hospital a few days later. it wasn’t a nice return. there was a thunderstorm, and Cecilia wore a white wedding dress. i still remember how she looked like. an angel, innocent and beautiful. you wouldn’t have thought that a few days earlier she was lying in a pink pool of her own blood with yellow lifeless eyes. the storm amplified this whole picture, she didn’t fit at all into this with her dress. the following days i saw her a lot in lying in the garden with her sisters, everything seemed alright. but this all changed abruptly again on the day the Lisbon parents allowed their daughters to give a party at home. the end of it was that Cecilia jumped out of the window and right onto the spiked iron fence where she exhaled her final breath. dude, that was the most shocking thing i’ve ever seen or heard in my life. no one understands why, but she finally made it in the second try, and i really don’t want to be in the situation of the family. with this i’ll end for this time. the next event here will be the funeral of Cecilia, and perhaps i’ll visit her grave some time. until then,




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