Love is big and Love is small,

Love sometimes leaves you alone,

Love can be really bad, but

Love is here and Love is there.

Love is everywhere.

Love is dark, Love is bright

Love passes by much too fast.

Let me love you if you are alone, `cause then

Love will always win!

If you`re left alone, visit me, ’cause

Love is right here with me.


I have a dream

Every night and every day

Of a girl and a boy

They are happy,

loving each other.

They are falling in love.

In this dream

You are the girl

And I’m the boy.

I hope this dream will come true.

I would really be happy,

Lucky to be with you.

I’m falling in love.

You are the girl.

The girl I love.

Katharina Müller

your hair is so blond
and your cheeks so sweet
always on my mind

like a beautiful angel
shy and mystical
always on my mind

Why aren’t you with me?
Why can’t I enjoy being close to you?

I’d tell you what I think of you
I’d tell you that I love you!


Love poem from one of the boys to one of the girls:


Where love’s just been abolished,

Or kind of a disease,

Where love’s just been abolished,

My desires only increase,


Why can’t you just break through,

That unspoken limit,

So why can’t you break through,

That’ll be my remit,


When love is just passing by,

I’m not feeling fine,

So when love is passing by,

There’ll be a lot to whine,


Where love is just abolished,

And you simply can’t get out,

Where love is just abolished,

I’ll be there for you to shout.


Whenever I see you,
I think about what´s the reason
Why my heart beats so strong.

Whenever I see you,
I think about, why I´ve got this deep desire
To be with you.

Whenever I see you,
I think about what I have to do
To get the eye from you.

Whenever I see you,
I think about how to say

I love you.


I have a feeling I cannot forget

Nor can I hide it nor do I regret

All I can do is try to explain:

Sometimes I want to jump through the rain

The next day it feels like I´m on cocaine

Then I want to drink three bottles champagne

With you of course

Don´t think I´m insane

There´s one thing and I know it´s true

All I want to say is: I love you

My feelings for you´re no fake they´re real

They are so real that I even would steal

Just to get a date with you soon

We can go for a walk at night under the moon

Or go eat some ice-cream

I hope that it´s no dream

That you will say yes and we will go out

That´s everything that I am thinking about

Roses are red violets are blue

I don´t care about that, I´m just loving you



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