The Virgin Suicides – A girls book?

Last week I talked to a friend of mine who is a Calfornian. He also has read “The Virgin Suicides” and really liked it. However, he told me, that in America it is known as “a girls book”.

When I asked him for a statement concerning this theory this was what he sent to me:

As for the statement I made that this would be considered a book for women in america, I would like to explain my point of view here.

The best place to start is when we read this here. I read it as a 15 years old in High School.

The book centers around 5 girl, the range of emotions taken in with the death of the 1st sister, from what the sisters experienced through the one year following are so very complex. At the age when you read this in america, young males although having some of the same feelings are less inclined to talk or act on these thoughts. When presented with these emotions most males that age are not comfortable talking or writing on these things. It is the old adage that women mature faster than males. This is why I made this statement to Teresa.

When we read this we also read a book call the Lord of the flies. It was more male driven.




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